About Contract Hire

Learn more about the numerous benefits that business contract hire offers and find out more about our extensive experience in the vehicle leasing industry that spans nearly 40 years.


Business contract hire is a hassle-free and cost effective way to drive a brand new car or van. Contract hire is a great option for your business with low inital outlay, low fixed monthly payments and no risk of depreciation.

  • VAT Recoverable
  • Low Initial Outlay
  • Improved Cash Flow
  • No Risk Of Depreciation

About Us

Business Contract Hire have the loyalty of the best funders in the industry and our customers are the very reason we exist. We don’t ever take that for granted and have pushed back on becoming an internet based transactional business only.

The net effect of this is an unbiased approach which enables our consultants to find you the best deals available in the market, based on price, service and whole life cost.

Driven by customer care, we focus on finding the perfect solution for you. Rather than focus on our bottom line, we concentrate on our reputation and the experience our clients enjoy when working with us.